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So since we went to Wisconsin Dells for my husband’s 60th birthday my daughter said we have to plan on some place for mine.

At first I said a Florida beach because that is where I thought everyone would have the most fun.

I wanted to rent a house on the beach and hopefully have a private pool too.


But then my daughter Emily said that we should go where I want to go.

Well that is easy.


Utah, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Alaska…..

But what can everyone afford?
And how long do they want to be gone for?
Can everyone afford airline tickets for four or five people in their families?

Then we have to worry about transportation when we get there.

Renting a place… for activities ……

It just seems endless.

I have to worry about money for my husband and I.

My son has three in his family, my other son has four in his family, my youngest daughter has five in her family and my eldest daughter has herself and her significant other…..

All costing money to go on any vacation.

And while we have two and a half years to save and plan for it……I just don’t know what to do or where to actually go.


Before I die I want to take a cruise ship to Hawaii and go around every island and then cruise back to California.

I also want to go to Alaska on a cruise and see Denali National Park.

I would love my children and their families to see the Grand Canyon or Utah or Estes Park in Colorado and Rocky Mountain National Park.
I want to see Glacier mountain national park in Montana.

I want to go to Oregon, Washington state again and maybe California….

I WOULD LOVE to drive up the east coast in the fall to Maine.


I want to see Niagara Falls

So it’s a mountain of thoughts to figure out the ideal place where we can all afford to go.



In many ways I want to say “Let’s go to Colorado because it is twelve hours away and we can all drive it”

But I’ve been to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park twice.

I don’t really need to go again…..

And I may go with my sister’s next year…..

It really shouldn’t be this complicated.



US map



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I hate being fat and over weight.

But I also hate exercising.

I know I need to and I know it is good for me but I hate doing it.

Well that isn’t entirely true.

If I could get past the first four weeks, I wouldn’t mind doing it because in the past it has taken me that long to get into the groove and find myself actually looking forward to exercising…..

Every night I tell myself “Tomorrow you are going to start exercising”
And every day I allow myself to be fat and lazy……

I am sixty pounds heavier than I should be.

I am obese.

And I hate it.


two thirteen

and yes I miss the beach but in all honesty I just feel like I would love to vacation somewhere……

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beautiful fall

I love the cooler temperatures and wearing sweaters.

I love the colors of fall.

I love it all.

I don’t even mind that winter is coming.

I love the holidays and the family time…..

It’s just a great time of year….


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People talk to me about this congressman or that or this person running for governor or people wanting to get into the congress.

I don’t care.

I really don’t.

I can not stand the man everyone calls President and if he can get in then in my opinion we live in a very fucked up country.

Everything out of Trumps mouth is a lie.

But people love him.

He can make fun of women, or physically challenged people or call people names which he does every single time someone says something against him and people love him.

I don’t understand it.

I detest the man.

So if people can vote that piece of shit into the highest office in this Country why would I care whoever else gets in?
Just more stupid lying people in my opinion.

My husband tends to rant on about this person or that but I tune him out and nod every now and then.


Until Trump is gone I have no desire to listen to anything to do with our government.

Every time he is on TV I either change the channel or leave the room

I can’t stand him

And the saddest thing is he will probably get re-elected.

So I have six more years of this crap.





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