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I got to sleep in today due to my daughter taking her older two to school and her two month old to the doctor at nine.

I slept till seven am.


But that was sleeping in as I am always up at or before six am.

Anyway I am on my own for about ninety more minutes before I get my two month old grand daughter.

She is supposed to get four shots today so I imagine that she will be very sore.

Bailey my four year old grand daughter will be here by eleven thirty.

I have been in a cleaning mood.

I cleaned out two closets and rearranged my den/bedroom yesterday.

Today I plan on cleaning ceiling fans and working on cleaning rearranging my crafts room downstairs.

It is a mess and I have been lazy.

I came home from work on Sunday evening to have all of my kids, their spouses and all six grandchildren here.

That makes 16 of us.

It was crowded.

And of course I didn’t think of it until after some left that I wanted to get a picture of my six grandchildren together.

I have yet to do that.

And Ava is already 2 months old!
I do hope to get one before Christmas so I can send/make Christmas cards of the picture.

Maybe I can get one in November when we have Kayla’s birthday party



Did I mention lately how much I love Fall?





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