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Today is day two of having my daughter’s children.

It isn’t bad per say but Miss Ava Marie does not like to sleep.

OR should I say, she likes to sleep she just likes to be held while she sleeps.

She is spoiled already at seven and a half weeks old.


I have to put her down to go to the bathroom which always makes her wake up and she cries.

I put her down to make tuna salad and before I had it done she was awake and crying.

I kept talking to her and telling her I was here and she would have to be patient but she is seven weeks old and didn’t understand a word I said.


She has been sleeping now for ninety minutes and I put her down an hour ago and she is just now starting to move around.

She is to eat again at four so that is probably why she is going to wake up.

I love my grandchildren immensely but I love my quiet time too.



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