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In another life I envisioned myself as a artist.

I love the idea of being able to draw.

My mother was able to draw as can my eldest daughter Paula and my son Matt.

I have tried.

I have bought books to teach me how to draw…..but it all falls flat.


What a wonderful gift to have.

Bob Ross painting

This is a Bob Ross Painting.

I use to watch him for hours as a kid.

I even bought a small painting of his and it hangs in my den.

To have that kind of talent…..would be a dream…..

Of course I would love to be able to write novels and have people think they were wonderful too.

The creative gene just didn’t pass me by, it rushed rapidly on to someone more lucky than I.


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Owls~   Leave a comment

49618c9dc863106a1e5d2b9f3a7c4715          My sister Kathy loves owls.

I have one that our eldest sister made that I have been meaning to give Kathy but always seem to forget every time I see her.

I have a puzzle I just finished of an owl too that I may give her.

Depends on weather or not she actually wants it.


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So I Read~   Leave a comment


I read somewhere that when you see a cardinal, it means an angel has come to visit.

I like the idea of that.

I see a cardinal and sometimes more than one every few days here at my home.
We have a bird feeder in our front yard and the cardinal does come to eat as do many other birds.

I like thinking Cyndi, Mom, Linda, Grandma Hestness, Sandy or anyone else who has passed stops by in the form of a cardinal.


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Pretty Pictures~   Leave a comment


I haven’t done a pretty pictures blog in a while so here goes……..


Washington state where Bella and Jacob were walking in Twlight





daytona beach

I could go on and on………

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Be Thankful~   Leave a comment


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My Love Of Winter~   Leave a comment



I have a thing for pictures of snow and falling snow.

I love winter.

I am not a fan of below freezing temperatures or ice, but I do love the season of winter.

And I love the beauty of it



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