Car Shopping~


At this very moment in time I can’t afford a different car.

I have about $3,500 in doctor bills that need paid but when I can get a used car I am going back and forth between these two….

liberty jeep this liberty jeep or

Honda Civic

this Honda Civic

I drove a honda civic here a while back while they were working on my husband’s truck that I got him for his birthday.

I loved it.

I have always and I do mean always loved the Liberty Jeep.

The 2005 or older models.

I do not like the newer models because they are too boxy looking.

The above picture of the jeep is a 2004

It has over 100,000 miles on it but I would just need it to go back and forth to work and it is four wheel drive.

The price for it is just under $6,000

The Honda Civic is a 2006 with just under 130,000 miles on it for just under $6,000.

And while this Honda is a two door I don’t have to have a two door.

A four door would work nicely too.

So while I have to wait for my new used car…..I do enjoy shopping for one….



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