I’ve Had My Moments-   Leave a comment

You know I feel like I am happy 95% of the time

It’s true there is one or two days a month when I feel moody or hate life, but I do know I have a good life

My sister Cyndi (God rest her soul) told me a few times that I was a lucky person.

That life has always been easy for me, or things have come easy to me.

I attribute my luck to two things, first and foremost God has blessed me so very wonderfully and I know all I have are blessings from Him.

And secondly, the man I am married too has always been a hard worker and determined to work for everything we have.

Yeah we have dept and yes we haven’t always made the greatest choices, but his level head has kept us and me heading in the right direction

No he doesn’t have a passionate bone in his body, and he is overweight and occasionally lazy, but I am overweight and lazy too

Yes I would love passion in my life, I am only 57 after all, but I’ve lived without it for the past five years so I guess I can keep going with out it.

It isn’t the most important thing in life….

God and family are…..

And I have a wonderful family and life is good…..

Yes there have been struggles and times I thought about throwing in the towel

I’ve had moments when I was so tired of the fight that I felt ready for God to take me home

Thank God I got over that slump.

Every one has moments, times when life is exceptionally good or exceptionally hard.

Some more than others it’s true

I have had a pretty great life and a beautiful family.

I have regrets….don’t we all, but life is good.



Posted August 9, 2018 by Marge in God, heartfelt, ramblings

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