Through the sands of time~


Well here it is Wednesday evening.

My three days off have flown by as always.

I honestly don’t know where they went.

I start my four evening work week starting tomorrow.


I don’t mind the job, I really don’t…..but I like my time off too.


Two weeks from tomorrow school starts again.

Hard to believe as the summer went so fast.

Miss Ava will be two weeks old tomorrow, Bailey will be four in six days……and life goes on……

I found a six month old Saint Bernard puppy that I would LOVE to have but my husband doesn’t agree.

It would take a lot of patience and caring for us to have a puppy and my husband hates inside animals so…it wouldn’t be fair to the puppy.


If I was home every day and he didn’t have to care for it at all, it might be different…..but since I am working and not home……it wouldn’t work…..







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