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And So It Begins……   Leave a comment

Tomorrow will be my first day of not having grand children Monday through Friday.

My daughter Emily is on maternity leave so I won’t have the kids as much as I did.

I will have them on Tuesday as she has to take Ava to the doctors.

So except for Tuesday I will have the days to myself.

I am looking forward to it and I have a lot of things I want to do.


Hate how fast he days off will go though.

I must and I do mean I MUST….start a diet regime.

I vowed I would start as soon as I didn’t have the kids every day.
So it will be tomorrow morning.

I want to exercise, clean my house, wash my sheets, weed my flower beds…..clean the basement….

And of course there is always odds and ends to do.

I could always scrub walls and or blinds in the garage….there is always something to do.

And of course never enough hours in the day to do them.
Yes I am grateful to have the next three days off.

But …..I will be busy…..

three five

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