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24 Hours or Less~   Leave a comment

In less than twenty four hours I will have a new grand daughter.

It will be wonderful to finally meet Miss Ava Marie.

I look forward to holding her and welcoming her into the world.

God willing they will both survive labor and delivery and grow up together.

God willing.

I am so very blessed with my wonderful family and I don’t ever want to take that for granted.

Thank you Lord for all of the wonderful people you have graced me with in this life.


pretty moving butterflies and flowers


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Happy Birthday   Leave a comment

My husband is 61 today.

We aren’t doing anything other than dinner with our daughters and four out of the five grandchildren.

I bought him a newer truck for his birthday from me.

Dinner will be from our youngest daughter.

Our eldest rarely if ever gives presents.

Which is alright.

At our age we don’t need anything.

Anyway happy birthday husband

2 rick at the beach

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