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What Would You Do?   Leave a comment

So a coworker friend of mine is battling breast cancer.

She has decided she is going to do chemotherapy for sixteen weeks and then have whatever is left of the cancer taken out.

I worked four hours for her last night so she could go talk to her oncologist about what she is going to do.

She told me she will do the chemotherapy.

I came home and talked to my husband about it and he asked me “What would you do, if that was you?”
I said “Honestly I don’t think I would do anything.”
And my reason for this is…….I work with another woman who had breast cancer thirty years ago.
She had the entire breast removed after doing the chemotherapy.

She told me if she ever had cancer again she would not do the chemotherapy because in her words, you are filling your entire body with this poison.

Yes it may kill the cancer but you are still filling your body with an evil poison.

And she said she wouldn’t do it again.
I suggested to Laurie the friend with breast cancer that she talk to Jackie, the nurse who had breast cancer thirty years ago.

I don’t know if she did or not because I left work and she was there till ten.

I hope she did but maybe she doesn’t want anyone’s influence and just wants to deal with it herself.

I can’t honestly say what I would do.

I really don’t know.

I feel like I have lived a good life and I am ready to go to Heaven whenever the Good Lord wants me there.

However ….since I am getting a new grand daughter here in a few days I would like to see her grow to adulthood.

So I honestly can not say what I would do.

I doubt very much if I would do chemotherapy.

I have been told that there are oils from marijuana that are good for fighting cancer.

Not sure if that is true or not but I would go that route, or do radiation.

But again if I was faced with this like my friend Laurie is…..I honestly don’t know what I would do…..




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Breakfast Pizza,Captain Under Pants and Counting Down~   Leave a comment

So Aaron and Bailey came today and both wanted breakfast pizza, so we went to Casey’s to get some.

Almost six dollars later they are eaten and now we are watching Captain Underpants.

Like SpongeBob Square Pants I find this show to be really dumb

The two of them enjoy it and I let them watch what they want on TV.

It keeps them happy and usually from being bored.


Two days and counting down till we get to meet Miss Ava Marie.

I am anxious to meet her and God willing she and Emily will be fine.
I always worry as many many years ago, probably close to forty or fifty I had a cousin who gave birth and a blood clot went to her heart and killed her.

I always am afraid that it will happen to one of my kids.

I know, I worry…..

But God willing all will be well.

Then after Emily has Ava my husband will bring Aaron and Bailey up to meet her and then we will all go back to their place where I will stay over night there with the kids and their two dogs.

Not sure if Emily will come home on Friday or Saturday but if it isn’t till Saturday I will stay over again Friday night.

I do have to be at work on Saturday at six so……Rick, my husband will have to come back over and spend the day with them until Emily, Adam and Ava come home.

Emily is off for seven weeks so hopefully she will get caught up on sleeping and spending time with her kids before she has to go back to work on September 17th.

In the mean time, we wait…..


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