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Happy Friday~   Leave a comment

Even though it is Friday and I have to work tonight and the weekend both nights, I am happy it is Friday.

For two reasons.

I get to sleep in tomorrow morning and Sunday morning and it is one day closer to my new grand daughter coming next Thursday.

Getting up at five twenty every morning Monday through Friday is tough on this old bird.

Tomorrow I can sleep at least till eight am.

And Miss Ava will be here next Thursday if not before.

I doubt before but my daughter’s doctor will induce her on Thursday if she doesn’t go naturally before then.

I am anxious to meet her and see how Bailey reacts to her little sister.

I honestly think it will calm Bailey down a bit when she realizes that it isn’t all about her.


And I think it will help if Emily makes Bailey a big part of helping with Ava, so that Bailey realizes she is important to the well being of her baby sister.

God willing it will work that way because Bailey is so high strung and needs to be calmed down.

Any hoo……Happy Friday!



Oh and  while we need the rain… seems like that is all it wants to do.

I wish we could have it spread out more.

Like just rain over night and softly….

I DO LOVE the cooler temperatures though.




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