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Well Friday the thirteenth has come and is almost gone.

I am about ready to go to bed here shortly as I have to be up by five to be at work at six.

I so wish I didn’t have to do it. ….but like I told my sister I need the money so……

I had Aaron and Bailey today and it was a good day.
Bailey was a happy girl for the most part and Aaron and I had some one on one time which was great.

I told him once his baby sister gets here some time before school he and I can go get school supplies together and go out to lunch.
He said “You mean go shopping?  I don’t like to go shopping”
He is 8.

What does one do?
He knows what he likes and doesn’t like.
So maybe I will stay home with Ava and Bailey and Mom and Aaron can go spend the day together.

They will need their one on one time too.

It was hot today with a heat index of 105 but Aaron and I played in the pool and you do not realize how hot it is out when you are sitting in a pool playing.

It is only ten feet by five feet wide so it isn’t that big.

It comes up to my high waist when I sit in it.

But it was still refreshing and nice.

And Aaron and I had fun.

He said to me before he left “We need to do that again some time”

And I agreed.





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