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Not going to lie…..   Leave a comment


I am yearning for the beach again.

Not sure why as it is hot and humid here and I hate this kind of weather.
But the beach and the lazy life appeal to me.

But the bank account doesn’t allow a vacation and I have a new grand daughter due here in two weeks.


If wishes were horses beggars could ride……..


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Days…..   Leave a comment

So as much as I love my days off, and I DO, I REALLY DO, they are so few and far between when I don’t have grandchildren…….that I have so much to do….and I never ever get it all done…..


I so wish I had the money to not work at all…..and just enjoy every day to it’s fullest.

Darn it……



Posted July 12, 2018 by Marge in ramblings