Call me lazy


1117So I was seriously thinking of telling my boss that I would pick up more hours since I won’t be having my grandchildren every day once my daughter has the baby and is on maternity leave, here in two weeks…….

But I am feeling lazy

I don’t want to work more

Really three days a week is enough, and next week she has me working four days…..

I don’t want to work more…..I want to work less….I honestly don’t want to work at all


Yep Im lazy I admit it

Besides I want to spend time with my new grand daughter too and help her in whatever way I can….

Maybe even take Aaron school shopping one day, or watch Bailey and Ava while Emily takes him school shopping….

And then watch Aaron and Ava while Emily does some one on one time with Bailey.

I want to be free of work and just enjoy life

Okay, I will work a few more years working every weekend if I have to……

But I don’t want to




One Comment Add yours

  1. K says:

    Family time is way more important! You work enough – enjoy your days off.

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