Monday, Grandkids, Trolls and 102~


It is the beginning of a new week.

I have Aaron and Bailey.

We have had breakfast, polished Bailey’s nails and now are watching Trolls.

I have a tenant/resident at work who is turning 102 today!
How exciting is that?

In the last eleven months since I have met her she is getting a little forgetful and has a hard time controlling her bladder but for the most part she is very alert and doing well.

Yes she has aches and pains and has a hard time walking, although she does still walk, but she is doing well for the most part.

I think she is tired, and sleeps a lot and probably is ready to call it a life but of course we don’t get to pick and choose when we go.

I asked her last night when I was getting her ready for bed ( she needs help dressing and undressing) “So now that you are almost 102 what is your secret to a long life?”
She said “So many people have asked me that”
And then she said “Well I tried to eat well and I never smoked or drank”
I said “You have  never  ever had a drink?”

And she said “Of course at special occasions but not daily or even weekly”

So there you have it folks… well and don’t smoke and drink.






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