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Happy 4th Of July!   Leave a comment

Well here we are on another Holiday

The Fourth of July……..Summer is officially here

I always feel like once we hit this holiday, summer just zooms by

That is fine with me

I love fall….

It is one of my favorite times of year

My soon to be four year old Bailey will start preschool, Aaron will be in third grade, Kayla will be in fourth, Keira will be in seventh and Mirielle will be in tenth

And Miss Ava Marie will fill my days while the other four begin school

But let’s not rush it

We still have about six weeks before school begins and that means a lot of hot and humid days


Paula will be here today

Probably around noon

The other three and their families will be at our house for our cookout

It is supposed to be miserably hot so…….the grandkids will probably swim and the adults will sit in the shade of the garage with fans blowing hot air around

I personally would prefer having the lunch inside, but knowing my grandchildren, they will want to be outside

Anyway it will be enjoyable to have all four of my kids together again

Happy Independance Day!



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