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Michael is my favorite male’s name

John and Daniel are close seconds, but I love the name Michael

Not crazy about Mike, and I would have loved to name one of my sons Michael, but my husband vetoed the idea due to it being his brother’s name

And it is his brother Michael I am writing about.

I saw Michael today and one can instantly see that he has lost weight

This is a man who was well over 350 pounds

But he has lost 80, and plans to lose at least eighty if not a hundred pounds more

I asked him what made him decide to lose weight and he said “Because I was dying”

He said he couldn’t walk across the room without being out of breath, or walk the fifty steps to get to the mailbox without feeling like he was dying.

He said he has given up all breads, all sugar, real and artificial and he only drinks water

He eats mostly fruits vegetables and proteins

He really looks good, and younger

Yes he is still overweight, but he feels so much better

I applaud him

Losing weight is horrifically tough and one must be very determined to stick with it

I wish I could be so determined……

Posted June 26, 2018 by Marge in family, ramblings

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