First Day Of Summer…..Sinus Headache….and Life….   Leave a comment

Well here it is, the first official day of summer

I have to say it….I am ready for fall.

I hate hot and humid weather

I hate it so much that I refuse to go out in it if I don’t have to

Today seems to be less humid although it is still lingering a bit.

I would love to open up all the windows in my house but that just allows humidity to creep in so I will just keep the A/C running.


I have a sinus headache

I took some medicine and it has helped a bit but not nearly as much as I would like.

Life as I know it is pretty good

In a month and four days I will have a new granchild

Another perfect gift from God.

I am anxious to meet her

Payday is tomorrow which will be great

I got a $700 hospital bill that came in the mail the other day, due to the infection in my back


My blood sugars have hovered between 140 and 180 lately

180 is rare though and I think it was that the other night from drinking a beer before bed.

Go to remember to eat some almonds after having a beer to counter act it.


Almost put in my two week notice the other day……how I would love to not have to work, but I still have my car payment a few other bills so I must work till those are paid off


I was talking with my grandchildren Aaron and Bailey about maybe going to Disneyland next year Aaron will be 9 and Bailey will be almost 5

Granted Miss Ava will still be a baby, but hopefully we can do it

Of course I will invite my other kids too but not sure they will want to go

If one flies Allegiant it will take us directly to Orlando.


Just something to think about


Hard to believe six months and three days and it will be Christmas again

Going to have to start my Christmas shopping soon……


Posted June 21, 2018 by Marge in ramblings

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