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13 Reasons Why Season two   Leave a comment

I just finished the above titled show and I have to say it was quite good.

Yes, it is a show meant for teenagers fifteen to nineteen, but it is done so well that I could not watch

I Started watching it a year ago because my then fourteen year old and eleven year old grand daughters were watching it and I wanted to see what it was about

It is about suicide, and rape and bullying.

It is a show I think every parent of children under 18 should watch, maybe with their child and then discuss it

My eleven year old grand daughter got bored with it after two episodes.

Which I think is good because it was / is too old for her

There are graphic parts and those are very hard to watch.

But it was very well done.



Posted May 26, 2018 by Marge in heartfelt, ramblings