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Downtown Funk   Leave a comment

I wrote this back in May and just found it in my drafts…..

Not sure why some things go straight to publication and others don’t……

Everyone  knows the song Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars, so I am the opposite, hence the title of this blog

I am in a funk due to coming off of vacation, and not being thrilled with my job, especially the shifts I work, and overall the unhappiness of myself

Do you know not one person besides my sister Kathy got me anything for my birthday?

Not one of my kids or even my husband got me a single thing

And yeah that hurts my feelings

Yeah we went to Florida, but I paid for it myself

I could easily have gone by myself

It is something I always make a big deal of, my kids birthdays

Or even my husbands

We always get together with food and visiting AND cake and ice cream for his birthday

And now Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and no plans have been made

It makes me feel very unloved and unappreciated.

And no I am not one of those people that insist that people make a big deal of my birthday or Mothers Day

If I have to insist on presents and attention, then it isn’t from their hearts.

It would be more of an obligation

And I refuse to make anyone feel obligated

Hence I get ignored

And I do not want anyone to tell my kids or husband…….hey pay attention more to your mom or wife

If they have to be reminded then again there is no point


I do think maybe I should ignore my kids birthdays and not get them anything so they can see how being ignored feels

It hurts

I guess deep down I feel like I have no self worth

I am not important enough to anyone

I guess I just need to find something out there for myself



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