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Life As I Know It-   Leave a comment

purple lilySo my Saturday night at work is over with.

I work tomorrow night, second shift and then I am off the next three weekends

That is a great feeling

True, two of the three weekends I will be in Florida, but it is still awesome to know I have the next three weekends off

Not that the job is hard, it isn’t

I just got spoiled when I didn’t have to work weekends the past sixteen years


I started the low carbs diet again today, because  I do not want to go through this pain again

I definitely have to eat better and take better care of myself



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Oh Boy-   Leave a comment


So I woke up Sunday morning with what I thought was a pimple or bug bite on my back

As the week went a hard redness grew from half an inch, to over three inches.

So painful that I couldn’t wear a bra

Today has been the worst and the longer the day went, the more it hurt radiating through my chest, under my arm and my  right rib cage

So I called the doctor and went in

My temperature was 101 and my blood pressure was 155/100

My Doctor said it was a cyst and a closed gland that got infected

She cut it open and drained it.

She wants me to go to Mercy Hospital tomorrow to go to the wound clinic

But if I feel better than I can cancel it.


I do feel better already but I will see how I feel in the morning

Always something



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Just shy   Leave a comment

Just shy of two hours and I will be off and I have the next three days off

I don’t know why but I will take them

It is supposed to be 65 tomorrow and 70 on Thursday and Friday which is great because I have a lot of yard work to do


The weathermen do say forties again for the weekend with a chance of snow on Sunday, but that is a few days away and I am going to rejoice in the warmer temperatures the next few days

stella de oro daylily

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I Love The Snow-   Leave a comment

So we got about three inches of snow last night

The trees this morning were beautiful

I know I am in the minority but I love the snow

A lot of people complain about it

I don’t

It is April, it isn’t going to stick around, in fact most of it was gone when I came into work at three

It didn’t even stick to the roads this time

I wish people could just see the beauty in it.

I prefer snow over hot and humid you weather

And I detest bugs




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Family Time~   Leave a comment

My eldest daughter is coming home for the weekend.

It will be great to see her.

The other kids will be over as well and we will all have dinner tonight.

Probably Casey’s pizza.

It seems the simplest.

We haven’t all been together since before Thanksgiving so it will be a great time.

I will post pictures tomorrow.


This is the six of us from last July.

I am very blessed


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Weather, writing and waiting   1 comment

tumblr_nzrma6vyun1v1ywmqo1_1280The weather men said it was going to be below zero with the windchill tonight and tomorrow morning

I believe it and it sounds really strong out there-

everyone is so ready for warmer temperatures

I tried to write earlier but of course the space between my brain and fingers just can’t connect


Time flies when I write so it would be a great way to pass the time tonight at work, but alas it alludes me.

My sister hasn’t emailed me for a few days now

Not sure why, but I assume it got lost in cyberspace again


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Happy Easter   Leave a comment

Today is the day to celebrate Our Savior Jesus Christ.

Today we rejoice in Him

So many people forget that Easter is for our Lord and not for Easter eggs and candy


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