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Coldest April On Record?   Leave a comment

I could be wrong but I bet before it is all said and done, that the weather men will say that this month is the coldest by far of any other year.

Tomorrow (okay today since it is 12:11 AM). It is supposed to snow………AGAIN!

It is crazy how this weather is, and it makes me wonder if we are going to have a cool summer

I remember several years ago we only got to 90 twice all summer and the majority of the summer was high seventies.

Well anyone who knows me, knows I think 75 degrees is perfect weather, so it would be awesome to me if we had a cooler summer




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Not That I am counting   Leave a comment

airplanethree five

So in ten days, my husband, eldest son and I will be flying to Florida for a week

I am looking forward to it

The doctor told me due to the wound on my back, that I won’t be able to swim, which is kind of a disappointment , but it is what it is.

I can wade in the water.




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Work Saga-   Leave a comment

So once again my work schedule has changed

I was supposed to work 11-7 AM, but my boss called me this morning and asked me to work 6PM to 2 AM.

I told her I could work till 7 AM, like I was supposed to, but she said no, I needed to just work the eight hours.

I am supposed to work 11- 7 AM the next three nights after tonight, but since my boss fired a girl, I can see my schedule changing yet again.


ocean waves


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