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So I have been telling my sister that I am still contilplating on weather or not I should try to work at least three days a week for the money

She told me to just be done working, and not question this gift from God.

I emailed her earlier and explained that not working means I am giving up my independence, at least some of it by not bringing in my own money.

That not having my own money means not being  foot loose and fancy free.

That my husband would never say no to my spending the money to get my hair cut, but if I said that I wanted to go to Colorado with my sisters, he could say no due to not having the money for it

Does that make sense?

Believe me I don’t want to work and I have a lot of plans for my grandson and grand daughter, but I do worry about being ‘limited’ on what I can or can’t do



Posted March 29, 2018 by Marge in ramblings

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