Fortunate One-



My youngest sister text me today about going in on buying an RV with her and her husband

I had to decline as I am working on saving money for a garage and paying off a few bills

I will be done working for the next six years at least because I am going to start watching my grandchildren

I told Wanda this and she said I am very blessed, which I already know to be true.

I am one of the very fortunate ones, my Gracious Heavenly Father has given me so many blessings

Everything I have ever asked God for, he has given me.

It wasn’t even a month ago that I asked “Lord, please help me find a way to stop working.  I don’t need millions I just want to not work ”

And not even four days later, my daughter told me her in-laws are moving out of state, so would I stop working and watch her children?


I of course said yes


So I am blessed by my Lord with my healthy children and grandchildren, my siblings are healthy and happy and my life is very good




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