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A Children’s Story~   Leave a comment

Last week at work an idea came to me and I got paper and wrote it down immediately.

It is a child’s story aimed for a child of five to ten years of age.

I typed it all out on my computer this morning and I want to draw the pictures to it as well.

At first I thought of asking my son, or daughter in law to do it for me but I am first going to try and do it myself.

No I wouldn’t choose writing a child’s book as my new profession.

Ideally I would love to be a famous novelist and make a living that way, but we all know that will never happen.

So I will try this…..

It may prove to be nothing….

But it is fun to have the creative juices flowing again.




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Upheaval~   Leave a comment


So yesterday I learned that my son-in-laws parents are selling their home and moving to Minnesota.

His father was offered a job that will make him $80,000 a year.

His mother has always watched my daughter and son-in-laws children and never worked.

But they are planning this move so in the next two to three months I will become my grandchildren’s full time care giver.

They have two children with baby number 3, a girl due in August.

Aaron is almost 8, Bailey will be 4 in August and little baby Ava is due August 1st.

So I will be watching them.


Now the question is, should I quit working all together?
Or should I try to work three or four over night shifts a week?

It would bring in about $800 a month if I kept working.

And we could use that money.

No I don’t have to work, my husband makes enough to make it all work but is that fair to him?
AND that garage he wants so badly will be put on hold if I don’t work.

Yes he could get it in a year or two, but not this year like we had planned.

We have discussed it and he thinks I should just quit working all together.

But I want to discuss it some more.
And of course my boss would have to agree to let me only work third shift and every weekend but no more than that and maybe Tuesday nights during the week…..


If I am to stay home and do nothing but babysit than I need to come up with things for me and my two grandchildren to do this summer.

Ride bikes and play at the parks, go for adventure walks and the like….

I don’t want to be sitting home and them spending all of their time watching TV.
Especially this summer.

Of course we can go swimming in the summer time too.


This is the upheaval in my life right now.
And no I don’t mean to say it is a bad thing… isn’t.

Just a turnaround in such a quick fashion.







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Yard work~   Leave a comment

I spent two hours working non stop in my yard yesterday.

I had to quit because my arms and shoulders were starting to really ache.


Today my legs and butt hurt too for all the stretching I did.

Sigh, getting older is for the birds……

Still I have three flower beds to work on.

I did two bigger ones yesterday.


Now I just need warmer weather.

It is supposed to be in the low forties all this week and this next weekend too, but of course it is that way because this is my weekend off.

It tends to go that way, the weekend I have to work it is full sunshine and warmer temps.

My weekends are generally colder and cloudy


Happy Thanksgiving

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