The Week-


It has been a busy week and this next week is going to be busy too

Even tho I have told my boss I only want to work 32 hours a week she has me working 40


I need the money so I didn’t say anything but it will be tough, especially if I don’t get enough sleep


I am at work now with nothing to do for the next hour

Then I give a lady a shower and put her to bed, which takes about forty minutes to do

That will put me at 8:45, so I will sit till 11 when my shift is over

I work tomorrow night too and then I am off on Monday

I told my sister yesterday that I now am thinking I will work till I am sixty, which is three years and about six weeks from now.

I hope I can retire earlier but we shall see.

Six weeks from today we will be flying to Florida

I can’t wait!




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