If my mother had lived, she would have been 91 today.

She died of cancer at 65.

Far too young.

My sister Cyndi passed at 67 of cancer and my sister Linda passed of a stroke at 53.

All of them way too young to die.

My sister Linda was a very heavy smoker so I imagine that contributed to her stroke.

Cyndi found out she had cancer in her liver in 2015 and a year and a month later she had died.

Mom was told she had cancer before she ever got pregnant with me.

I will be 57 in less than two months

She never did anything about it until a year or so before she passed away and then it was too late.

I imagine I will one day too die of cancer.

It seems to be the killer in my family.

Yes granted I could have a heart attack or stroke……

I know a rather morbid subject to talk about but we all are promised a death.

I never knew my father so I don’t even know if he had died or is still living today.

I have heard that a child usually passes away from whatever one of her parents died from.

So I have at least a fifty percent chance of dying from cancer.


I miss my mother and sisters dearly.

Life it too short to take family for granted.

But I do believe I will see them all one day in Heaven.

magnificent seven

The seven of us with Mom in 1985

Ric, Kathy, Cyndi, Carolyn, Linda, Mom, Wanda and me.

Carolyn is the oldest, then Cyndi, then Ric, then Linda, then me, then Kathy and Wanda is the baby of our family.

Sure wish I could go back and savor those times when we were all alive.




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