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What a difference   Leave a comment

Today I got a full 8 hours of sleep

What a difference it makes for me mentally

I feel human again 🙂

Tonight is my last night until Monday, but I work 3-11 on Sunday night because a girl asked me to switch the days


My sister Kathy said our oldest sister is planning on having a sisters day next Saturday

Well I have to work so I won’t be going

Hate missing it, but I am not going to drive that entire way for two or three hours


Between you and me dear reader, this working third shift is pointless

90% of the night I sit

Hate it



We are supposed to get some snow on Sunday too


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Ugh   Leave a comment

I got five hours and fifteen minutes of sleep today

Not nearly enough

It is going to be a long night


Plus I have a sinus headache


On a good note I haven’t had any sugar since Tuesday and I can already tell my stomach isn’t nearly as bloated as it was two days ago

That makes me happy.


Sure wish I could have seen my daughter today

Not quite the same when she has a birthday and I don’t get to see her

Hopefully it was a great day for her



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