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So this is my weekend to work.

I am working the two pm to ten pm shift due to two of our coworkers moving over to the nursing home side to work.

I haven’t worked this shift in two months so it was nice to see all of the residents.

I work when they sleep so this is a nice change.

I do however realize how much I prefer third shift.
Simply because it takes up most of my day to work second shift.

I don’t like it.

I prefer third.

I know that is the exact opposite I said last week.

And I know I sleep when other people are working but I still find I like third better.
it fits my life better.

I go back to third on Wednesday and work that night, and Thursday and Friday nights.

Then I am off next weekend.


Until someone else gets hired I will have to work second shift on my weekends.


Hopefully someone will get hired soon.






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Michael Jackson~   Leave a comment

My grandchildren love Michael Jackson.
Especially the three year old.

Every time she comes to our house we play “you tube” videos of Michael Jackson

Her favorites are “Beat It’ and “Billy Jean”

Of course she likes other singers too but Michael Jackson is her favorite.

My nine year old grand daughter loves him too and I bought her this cd for her birthday last November.


She and Bailey, my three year old grand daughter have both said “Nana I wish Michael Jackson was still alive so I could go see him in concert”

I love how they love older music.



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