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Well here it is Tuesday morning.

We got about five inches of snow yesterday and it sure looked pretty coming down.

I had Aaron and Bailey yesterday.

Aaron got out of school early due to the weather so it was a nice change to have them both during the day.

I work the next four nights.

Ugh I dread it.

Not the work per say but the babysitting the building over night with little to nothing to do.

I call it babysitting the building because I don’t or rarely ever have anything to do with the residents.

They are all sleeping and I don’t interact with them.

Or rarely interact with them.

So I feel like I am just there to clean and babysit the building .

It is easy money and I shouldn’t complain I suppose.

Still it is hard on my body to be up nights and try to sleep during the day.


It is almost five am.

I was up at three thirty.
I was in bed before eight so I suppose seven hours is considered enough sleep.


I will have to get a nap in later before I work tonight.

I shouldn’t have the grandkids today so I have a day to fill with doing what?
I can’t go anywhere because I am trying not to spend money….

I could do laundry and clean some…..

I work on puzzles during the winter months and I barely started one last night so I can work on that too….

And there is always reading and watching TV.

Still I feel like I do the latter two at night at work so ……

Ahh life……





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