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Cravings~   Leave a comment

My youngest daughter is four months pregnant and comes up with some serious cravings.

Last week it was strawberry short cake.
This week it is macaroni and bean salad.

I have to go to the store and get the supplies and make her some of this.

So funny….

I got a text from her last night at eleven o eight, stating she was craving macaroni and bean salad and would I make it for her.





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Snow   Leave a comment

Some people think snow is a dirty word.

I however love snow.

I love the beauty of it and the crispness of it.

I heard we could get up to eight inches on Monday.

I say let it snow.

I hate the cold freezing temperatures and I hate driving on ice, but I love the snow.


three three


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Elusive sleep~   Leave a comment


That is what is going on with me tonight.

It is three am and I can not sleep.

I assume it has to do with working nights and my body being use to being up at this time every night.

However I only got two hours of sleep yesterday after working Thursday night ten to six.

But I was in bed by seven thirty last night and have been awake since twelve thirty am.

I probably dozed off a few times but there is no way I can sleep now.

The brain will not shut off.

Guess I will have to get a few hours later today to help me get through working tonight.



I love my bed and I love crawling into it and getting all snuggled in and getting a good sleep.

However that isn’t possible tonight.



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