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I may have mentioned this before but I can’t get on the laptop and get word press.
I have no idea why.

So now I am in my den on my desk top and it comes up easily.

Strange but oh so true.

And frustrating too.

I am on night four tonight for work.

I really am not a big fan of working third shift.

Yes I sleep well during the day but working third shift just makes me feel ‘off’ if that makes any sense at all?

As I was telling my sister in an email, I do maybe two hours of work and then I sit and babysit the building for the next six hours.

No one pages me to assist them and nothing happens.

Or rarely does anything happen.

It is boring.

Still I will probably stick with it until I can retire completely.
God willing that will be within two years.

And definitely by the time I am sixty.



I am still yearning for the ocean and warmer temperatures.


If I had the money I would get in my car right now and head south.

I miss the ocean.


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