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Well today is my one day off this week before the weekend next weekend.

I spent it watching my three year old grand daughter Bailey.

She actually crawled up onto my lap at eleven fifteen and fell asleep and slept on me till I had to get up at two to use the bathroom.

That of course woke her up.
She was in a great mood though so she must have had a good nap.

I work now Tuesday night through Friday night ten to six am.

Yeah it sort of will be like having tomorrow off too since I don’t go in till ten.

I have to get some groceries tomorrow since I won’t have Bailey.

I changed my mind about getting my hair cut.

I really am not a huge fan of my hair until it is midway through a cut so I just decided to forget it for now.

Plus it is cold out so leaving it a bit longer will help with being out in the cold.

I have  two basketball games to attend on Saturday and then we will have the four younger grandchildren over night.

And then on Sunday we are going to have everyone over for lunch for Matt’s 32nd birthday.

It will be a busy weekend no doubt…..

They say it is going to be freezing cold again by then .

A nice week but by Friday back down to 17 degrees and that  temp on Saturday and colder than that on Sunday.


three three





Posted January 8, 2018 by Marge in Bailey, family, heartfelt, ramblings

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