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A little bit of snow for Christmas Eve~   Leave a comment

We got about an inch of snow.

Not much and I would prefer another two to three inches but it is nice to see it white outside.

It is Christmas time.
There should be snow on the ground.


We have a few hours of quiet time before the kids and their families get here.

Paula won’t be here which will be a bummer but she was here on Thursday and Friday so at least we got to see her.

It is Christmas time, and that means family time and thinking of always our Lord and Jesus’ birth.

I so love  Christmas



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Early gathering~   Leave a comment

Had a get together at my eldest son’s house tonight.

No reason other than my daughter Paula was home and won’t be here for Christmas so we all got together.

It was a nice visit and super nice to have someone else play host.

I work tomorrow 2-10 and then I am off again till Tuesday night at ten pm.

Which is wonderful.

My husband and I will probably go to a movie or two on Monday, yes Christmas day…….

But our kids go to their spouses so……it is just another day for us.

We always spend Christmas eve as our



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I need~   Leave a comment

I need to go to bed, pull the covers up over my head and hibernate until this cold is gone.

Unfortunately that isn’t going to happen.

I have to be at work in less than four hours again.

I am not a big fan of the night shift.

Even when I feel good.

It just wears me out so…..

And not feeling good isn’t helping.





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Hello from the past~   Leave a comment

A man I dated some 22-23 years ago contacted me today to say hello and Merry Christmas

We dated for six months and while he was a nice enough guy I knew from the beginning it was going no where.

He was never the type to want to settle down and or get married.

Still I enjoyed my time with him and it was nice to hear from him today.

He also told me he is retiring this Friday.

Good for him.



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Feeling too old for this~   Leave a comment

Tonight is night one of four in a row that I have to work the 10 pm till six am shift.

I feel like I am getting too old to work this shift.

I slept badly last night.

I lay down for two and a half hours and only slept one of them.

I wake myself up snoring.

Now in two hours I have to be at work and am going to have to stay awake for the entire shift.

It won’t be easy.

And while I have about four hours of work to fill this eight hour shift, each night afterwards is going to be working less and sitting more.
Because there isn’t that much to do.

I am not sure why my boss thinks there is enough to work four nights in a row.

Oh I could do the repeat and do the same thing every night, but why?
Especially when the place isn’t that dirty.

If she would have me work every other night, then I could see it as things could get dirtier……but nope she puts me four nights in a row and then I have four nights off from that shift.


But anyway I am feeling like it is just too many nights in a row for me.




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And Then Some~   Leave a comment

I realize this time of year brings some people down.

I realize if things aren’t going well in their lives that they are sad and blue.

I personally love this time of year.

I love getting together with my loved ones and just enjoy being happy.

I love the Christmas lights and decorations and I LOVE that it is Jesus’ birthday and that we are here because He died on the cross for us.

Yes most people see Christmas as presents and parties.

But it honestly is about Jesus.

Yes I went over board on getting presents for my grandchildren.

I always do….but really this is about Jesus

And life would be so much better if everyone realized that and basked in the glory of our Lord.


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Netflix~   Leave a comment

I am now watching a show called “The Blacklist” It is a crime drama and decent.

Not wonderful but decent.

I watched the fourth part of “The Ranch” yesterday.

It was disappointing and not that good.

And now Danny Masterson is no longer on it so it makes one wonder how they will write him out of the show?
Or will they kill him off or replace him?
I know, who cares?
But when you get to like a program and things change on it, it makes it annoying.

Same with “House of Cards” getting rid of Kevin Spacey on that show.
Do they kill him off or replace him?

I know in the big scheme of things it doesn’t really affect my life.

Just commenting on the frustrations of the shows I like.



Watching the news and the entire airport in Atlanta is in total darkness.


I would be afraid it was a terrorist attack.

But it doesn’t sound like that.

I am glad I am not there.
What a mess.




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