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New Year’s Resolutions~   Leave a comment

A week from now we will be sitting on January 2nd.

A new year.

A new start.

I MUST lose weight this year.

I gave up pop about five weeks ago and I can tell in my stomach as I am not as bloated as I use to be.

I need to exercise every day, even if it hurts and 99% of the time it hurts to do so.

Today I started with cutting out sugar, which is a HUGE thing with me.

I have a very bad sweet tooth.

But hopefully I can succeed this year.

That is my biggest resolution.

But I need to be kinder too.

I can be a bitch and I know this, even as I am being bitchy…..

So I need to be kinder and less critical.

I need to have more patience as well.

AND God willing I can write this year.

I bought a book on how to reawaken one self and write so I hope I can start writing at least a bit every day.

I also need to spend less time in front of the TV and live my life instead of letting the TV consume my time and then life passes me by.

I read an article the other day about “are you really living your life?”

And the answer for me is no.

I am not “Alive” in my life.

I live it yes but I am half asleep in my life.

I need to be more awake.

I need to be more aware.



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