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Merry Christmas~   Leave a comment

Today is the birth of our Lord.

Today is a family celebration spending time with loved ones.

My Christmas day has been rather dull.

As they always are because our kids go to their spouses families.

We went to a movie earlier which wasn’t that good, and I have rearranged my bedroom/den.

And now I am sitting here watching reruns of “Two And A Half Men”  the early ones with Charlie Sheen.

When Jake was cute and Charlie was funny.


two and a half men

Ideally I would be with my entire family, children, grandchildren and siblings and their families but we gave up having a huge family celebration years ago.

Which is sad but it is what it is.

Merry Christmas readers.




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Downsizing~   Leave a comment

My husband and I went to the movie “Downsizing” today.

I have to say it wasn’t that good.

I love Matt Damon but even the best of actors can have a dud.

Still it was an interesting concept but very long and dull.

I think Matt Damon is a very good actor but this movie just didn’t do him justice.

Not his fault, the writing just started off decent and went bad quickly.

downsizing     Matt Damon

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