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I am now watching a show called “The Blacklist” It is a crime drama and decent.

Not wonderful but decent.

I watched the fourth part of “The Ranch” yesterday.

It was disappointing and not that good.

And now Danny Masterson is no longer on it so it makes one wonder how they will write him out of the show?
Or will they kill him off or replace him?
I know, who cares?
But when you get to like a program and things change on it, it makes it annoying.

Same with “House of Cards” getting rid of Kevin Spacey on that show.
Do they kill him off or replace him?

I know in the big scheme of things it doesn’t really affect my life.

Just commenting on the frustrations of the shows I like.



Watching the news and the entire airport in Atlanta is in total darkness.


I would be afraid it was a terrorist attack.

But it doesn’t sound like that.

I am glad I am not there.
What a mess.




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