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My three year old grand daughter just told me that she is bored with nothing to do.

We have painted, colored, she has played games and played house.

Now she is bored.

I made her get up on the couch and lay down because she was crying that there is nothing to do and it is so unfair!

I told her to stop crying or get up on the couch and lay down.

She didn’t stop crying so I put her on the couch and said she wasn’t getting up until she could be a big girl and stop crying.

She is laying there watching Sesame Street and not crying.


She is way too young to pull that “I’m bored” crap.

I don’t think she feels the best, she has had a cold and runny nose all week and her voice is scratchy and hoarse.

Maybe she will sleep a good two or three hours after lunch.


nine two



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