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I so love a pretty picture



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Plans changing once again~   Leave a comment

Well due to one of my coworkers grandfather being hospitalized, instead of having today off  I work today and tomorrow and then have Thursday through Sunday off.

4 days off in a row!
I won’t know how to act.

I will have Bailey for Thursday and Friday but it will be nice to have four days off.

And I am doing the medication side of the job which is easier then the kitchen side.

It also means I won’t be working tomorrow and Thursday night 10-6.

Which is alright too.

I don’t sleep as well when I work third shift.

Best not to make plans because they can change on a dime.



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Unhappy grandchild~   Leave a comment

My youngest grandchild is here and she isn’t happy.

She doesn’t feel the greatest and acts like she hasn’t gotten enough sleep.

My daughter spoils Bailey to the point that the child is almost unlikable at times.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my precious grand daughter but she thinks the world revolves around her and that just isn’t how it is.

If they ever have another baby Miss Bailey is going to have a rude awakening.

I keep telling my daughter she needs to start nipping this behavior in the butt right now.

But of course she doesn’t listen to me.

I am just mom you know?

Sedona Arizona

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