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Time Will Tell~   Leave a comment

So I may get fired from my job.

Time will tell…….here is how it went.

I get to work at two and I am supposed to count the narcotics before the other person leaves.

She counted and handed me the keys.

At that moment a tenants toilet over flowed so I went to clean it up and the woman who’s place I took left.

She was training a girl though and while I was cleaning up the mess, the girl came to me and said “Oh I forgot to give a medication” and asked for the keys.

I gave her the keys.

When it came time for me to count the narcotics three were missing from the count the morning girl put down.

Now it could be a few things.

It could be that the girl who trained took from the wrong person’s medicine, OR that she stole three hydrocodone’s.

I am not saying this girl did steal the drugs, BUT we do not have a match up when the day girl said there was 12 hydrocodone’s and I found only 9

So chances are if no one can explain where the three hydrocodone went to, I will most likely get fired for handing her the keys to the drugs.

There is a chance that we all three could be fired.

I don’t  know.

It is hard to say what I will find out when I get to work at two.

HOPEFULLY things will all be fine.

But chances are they won’t be.


To be continued………




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