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Early Christmas present and grandchildren~   Leave a comment

I got off of work at six am this morning and had my youngest grand daughter Bailey from seven am until about an hour ago.

I love her dearly and since I have been watching her we have gotten closer.

She loves me and loves being with me.
She cried and said “I want to be with you forever and ever” when it was time to go home.

But we are having her, her brother and their cousins over night tomorrow night.

I work until ten so I won’t have them but my husband will.

Once I am home it will be movie time for about an hour or two and then it will be bedtime.

And then we will have them until noon or so on Sunday.

And then she will be back again on Monday for the week.

I am tired and feel ready for bed but I don’t want to get in there and toss and turn so…..I will wait a bit longer.


I got my early Christmas present today.

my Christmas present

I love it and am so happy with it.

My bedroom is a den as well and it is sitting there boasting of beauty and newness.

I love it.
My husband is watching a show called “Narcos” on Netflix and it is all subtitled due to the massive Spanish speaking cast and it being about a drug cartel.

I am not a fan of subtitle movies.

I can’t look at the picture of the people and read the subtitles too.

Well I can but I don’t feel like I get the jest of the whole movie when I have to read everything they say.

Oh there is about 10% of the movie that isn’t in Spanish.

It looks decent enough of a show and if I get bored and really need something to watch I can see myself giving in and watching it but right now I would be very annoyed with it.

I have been up over 24 hours now.


I am tired.






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