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Cleaning, grandchildren and mom~   Leave a comment

I have been cleaning this last two days.

Really cleaning.

My mother once said it is called “Nesting”
Not sure why it is called that but she said it was.

Christmas is coming and I want the house to be clean for it so things I don’t normally clean, my roll top desk, (inside and out), the dvd case, the basement etc……

I clean these things but not to the extent of the way I have been cleaning these last two days….

Speaking of my mother, I have been working on photo albums too and there are several pictures of her which of course makes me think of my childhood and her.

I wish I had pictures of the Gray House where we lived. We called it the Gray house because it was painted gray.

What can I say?
We were kids.

I was born in May of 1961 and this picture was taken in June of that year…..


She just had me and look how dang skinny she was.

I miss her and I LOVE looking at pictures of when I was younger and she was there.

She died in 1992

Seems like forever ago.

Again I wish I had pictures of the gray house.

I loved that place and will have to ask my sisters if they have any of it.

Such wonderful memories of my childhood.


Bailey has been here all week as she was last week and I am quite sure she will be here the rest of the month due to her other grandmother (and usual babysitter… having a heart attack about ten days ago and is recovering)

That may be a problem since I start working nights again tonight.

I will be really tired tomorrow but I will have her so hopefully I can manage it all.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a bear when I am tired.

Every problem magnifies ten times when I am tired.

I just don’t deal with things well when I am tired.

I am not proud of this fact, but there it is anyway.

One of my many faults.

She (Bailey) just spent two hours in the tub.

It is like a pool to her and she plays and splashes around.

I rarely wash her hair or even her.

It is just some fun time for her and she enjoys it.

Now she is eating lunch and will be going to take a nap shortly.


I have to go and get Keira and Kayla from school and bring them home here at two thirty.

I haven’t seen them in almost two weeks so I am very anxious to see them.

I do love my grandchildren time.








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