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Don’t know why this title just popped into my head, but there it is.

It is almost ten am, which means I have to be at work in four hours.

I really do like my job for the most part.

I love working with the elderly.

I have thought about changing jobs, finding something that will make me more money but honestly I like working in the city I live in and I like my job 90% of the time.

I was telling my sister that I probably won’t be retiring for good in May.

Because my husband doesn’t want to have to pay for my car and one small bill that I have.

The total is just shy of $500 a month and he wants me to keep working until I get that paid off.

So I will either, try my hardest to not spend money and get it paid off early or keep working for another year.

Ugh I hate the thought of it.

So we shall have to see how things are here in six months.


three three




Posted December 3, 2017 by Marge in ramblings

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