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Words~   2 comments

Well I was going to title this something else but it said the word I put didn’t exist so I am not quite sure how to go about describing  what I wanted to say since the word is something I can’t spell.

I was going to title this “Knawing away”
But according to the internet that word doesn’t exist.

It is describing a feeling of feeling like something inside me is eating away at my stomach.

Like a dog knaws on a bone.

I don’t know, I tried without the “K” but it isn’t working either.


Guess I need to get the dictionary out.



dog bone

It is eleven pm and the last thing I need is to put more calories into my stomach before bedtime, but I do feel hungry.



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Texas Roadhouse~   Leave a comment

The husband and I and my youngest daughter and her two kids went to Texas Roadhouse tonight.

Margaritas were two for $6 so Emily and I each had two.

They were scrumptious.

The food was excellent too.

It was a good time.

I have slept 17 hours in the last 72 and I am quite tired.

Sure hope I can sleep well tonight.




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Who needs it?   Leave a comment

Well here I am on day three of getting very little sleep

It is my day off too so that makes it extra annoying but I have grandchildren who stayed over night, due to their other grandmother (who always watches them) having open heart surgery this morning.

Anyway, I am tired and would LOVE to go back to bed but that isn’t going to happen as I have a grand son to get off to school and a three year old grand daughter to entertain.

Yes they are both sleeping now but I had to get up and bathe before they got up.


Best get use to it as they will be here every day for the next three months or so.

(Every work day, Monday through Friday)

AND I have to go to a freaking meeting at work at three.

Hate it on my day off but not like I can get out of it.

Damn it.

eight three



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Happy Birthday Wanda~   Leave a comment

My youngest sister is turning 53 today.

I won’t get to see her or talk to her but I just wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday here~

Wanda and Carolyn

Here she is with our oldest sister Carolyn

Wanda is on the left.


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Such a awesome feeling~   Leave a comment

I finally got my retirement money.

It was six thousand and change less than I thought it would be but that is only because they took taxes out before sending it to me.

Which is fine, as I don’t have to pay taxes on it then next spring.

I got all but one bill paid off.

And that is an awesome feeling.

I have $1,500 left on one credit card and a small bank loan, and then I am debt free besides my car payment and house and life insurance.

Such a wonderful feeling.

I plan on working up to at least May 1st to help get the money saved for my husband’s garage.

Then I plan on retiring for good.

A light at the end of the tunnel.

st lucia



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Still hanging on and dreams~   Leave a comment

I still have this damn cold.

Sick of it but it has only been week two and my husband is on week four.

He has been suffering with a chest cold, cough and just achy-ness.

SO I shouldn’t complain right?

Still it makes it hard to breathe when one is fighting a congested nose.


I had the dumbest dream last night.

I dreamt we were having a huge family reunion and Matt Miller was there.

Weird as he hasn’t been in our family for years.

But anyway in the dream he expressed a desire to go to Fort Myers Florida  and wanted someone to do the drive with him.

I volunteered because anyone who knows me knows I love going on vacation

Anyway in the dream his ex wife and my niece objected to us going on vacation together.

In the dream he laughed at her and said “Why should you care?”

But she did.

I said my husband could go too and Rick said he didn’t want to.

So the plan was for Matt and I to go together.

I woke up before we left for vacation but in the dream my kids were telling me how inappropriate it was to go on vacation with a man who wasn’t my husband.

What a dumb dream.

I haven’t seen Matt Miller in YEARS.

Why would I dream of him?

two thirteen




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Beautiful pictures~   Leave a comment

Lately I have been getting some incredibly beautiful pictures off of pinterest.

They have some exceptional pictures.

Here are a few~

three three

two nine

beautiful fall (2)

eight two

five nineteen

five nine

I so love beautiful pictures, especially of mountains and sunrises or sunsets.


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