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Happy Birthday Wanda~   Leave a comment

My youngest sister is turning 53 today.

I won’t get to see her or talk to her but I just wanted to wish her a Happy Birthday here~

Wanda and Carolyn

Here she is with our oldest sister Carolyn

Wanda is on the left.


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Such a awesome feeling~   Leave a comment

I finally got my retirement money.

It was six thousand and change less than I thought it would be but that is only because they took taxes out before sending it to me.

Which is fine, as I don’t have to pay taxes on it then next spring.

I got all but one bill paid off.

And that is an awesome feeling.

I have $1,500 left on one credit card and a small bank loan, and then I am debt free besides my car payment and house and life insurance.

Such a wonderful feeling.

I plan on working up to at least May 1st to help get the money saved for my husband’s garage.

Then I plan on retiring for good.

A light at the end of the tunnel.

st lucia



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Still hanging on and dreams~   Leave a comment

I still have this damn cold.

Sick of it but it has only been week two and my husband is on week four.

He has been suffering with a chest cold, cough and just achy-ness.

SO I shouldn’t complain right?

Still it makes it hard to breathe when one is fighting a congested nose.


I had the dumbest dream last night.

I dreamt we were having a huge family reunion and Matt Miller was there.

Weird as he hasn’t been in our family for years.

But anyway in the dream he expressed a desire to go to Fort Myers FloridaΒ  and wanted someone to do the drive with him.

I volunteered because anyone who knows me knows I love going on vacation

Anyway in the dream his ex wife and my niece objected to us going on vacation together.

In the dream he laughed at her and said “Why should you care?”

But she did.

I said my husband could go too and Rick said he didn’t want to.

So the plan was for Matt and I to go together.

I woke up before we left for vacation but in the dream my kids were telling me how inappropriate it was to go on vacation with a man who wasn’t my husband.

What a dumb dream.

I haven’t seen Matt Miller in YEARS.

Why would I dream of him?

two thirteen




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Beautiful pictures~   Leave a comment

Lately I have been getting some incredibly beautiful pictures off of pinterest.

They have some exceptional pictures.

Here are a few~

three three

two nine

beautiful fall (2)

eight two

five nineteen

five nine

I so love beautiful pictures, especially of mountains and sunrises or sunsets.


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Fog clinging~   Leave a comment

fog covering the trees on sand road on november 13

This past Monday the 13th of November I was driving into Iowa City on Sand Road and saw the fog clinging to the trees.

This pictures doesn’t do it justice.

It was beautiful.

I so love the changing seasons.

And it is always changing in Iowa.


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Best Laid Plans~   Leave a comment

So I was supposed to have today off, but just switched with a woman who will work Wednesday for me and I work tonight for her.

I am fine with the switch.

I have two days off coming up Wednesday and Thursday.

That will be nice to have two off in a row, considering I just had two off.

I work tonight and tomorrow night and then have Wednesday and Thursday off then work Friday through Monday, two till ten.

I prefer mornings over evenings but it is what it is and I will work where I am needed.

Good thing I didn’t make any plans today.

seven eleven


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Christmas Cards~   Leave a comment

I ordered my Christmas cards online yesterday.

I will have to go and pick them up today or tomorrow.

Nothing great just two photos of my family and wishing of a good Christmas.

My son bought my grand daughter “Hatchimals” for her birthday and she brought four here.

The kids love them and keep telling me we have to buy some for here so they can play with them here.

It is funny because I am quite sure they will be forgotten about once they leave here today.


A person can spend $50 or more on these little creatures but my son bought five for $8 which is good enough.

It makes the kids happy.



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No emails and things~   Leave a comment

My sister writes on her blogs but can’t seem to write me an email?
Not sure what it up with that.

I haven’t heard from her since Wednesday.

I know she is working and is tired but if she can write a blog it seems like she should be able to write me too.


I got three hours of sleep due to a very painful hip and knee.

We are going to breakfast with Paula and then I will probably come home and take a nap as….I have four children tonight.


seven eight



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3 day weekend begins now~   Leave a comment

It is after ten pm, and I am now officially on my three day weekend.

Love it.

Some day I will never have to work again.

I can’t wait.

But having these three day weekends helps too.

Our eldest daughter Paula is here, down from Wisconsin.

She will leave in the morning but we will go out to breakfast first.

Then we need to do some grocery shopping and then have Kayla’s birthday party at two.

Then the four younger grandkids are staying over night and will be here till noon on Sunday.

I should call my sister Carolyn and ask her if she feels like company Sunday afternoon as I have some things I want her to have.

Then Monday will be here before I know it and that will be a day of painting probably before going back to work on Tuesday.

Weekends are always busier then I want them to be.


eight three

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Cold~   1 comment

They say we are going to break records tonight as it is supposed to get to 9 degrees…..which has never happened in Iowa on this date before.


It is chilly out there.

I got my gloves out and was walking to my car after work thinking I have to find my scarf.

It is cold out there.


They say we might even get some snow showers.


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