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I still have this damn cold.

Sick of it but it has only been week two and my husband is on week four.

He has been suffering with a chest cold, cough and just achy-ness.

SO I shouldn’t complain right?

Still it makes it hard to breathe when one is fighting a congested nose.


I had the dumbest dream last night.

I dreamt we were having a huge family reunion and Matt Miller was there.

Weird as he hasn’t been in our family for years.

But anyway in the dream he expressed a desire to go to Fort Myers Florida  and wanted someone to do the drive with him.

I volunteered because anyone who knows me knows I love going on vacation

Anyway in the dream his ex wife and my niece objected to us going on vacation together.

In the dream he laughed at her and said “Why should you care?”

But she did.

I said my husband could go too and Rick said he didn’t want to.

So the plan was for Matt and I to go together.

I woke up before we left for vacation but in the dream my kids were telling me how inappropriate it was to go on vacation with a man who wasn’t my husband.

What a dumb dream.

I haven’t seen Matt Miller in YEARS.

Why would I dream of him?

two thirteen





Posted November 18, 2017 by Marge in ramblings

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