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So I was scheduled to work ten pm till six am tonight but instead I got called to work the 2-10 shift due to a woman being sick and unable to work today.

I didn’t mind at all.

I  was wondering what I was going to do with myself for three nights and now that I am down to just the two, I will fill them quite nicely.

Nothing has been cleaned well since last week when I was there so….now I have the next two nights to get it all done.

Granted the woman may call in again and I may have to work second shift at least once more this week but if that happens, it just happens.

Not going to complain about it.






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Spanglish~   Leave a comment

I may have written about this movie before.

It is a good decent movie.

A movie about a troubling marriage, about a single parent, about falling in love, about raising children….

And it is one of the very few movies of Adam Sandler’s that I like.

Usually his movies are rather dumb to me.

But his one is quite good.

I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it.


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I have had a busy day, I got groceries, did laundry, cleaned, wrapped the few  Christmas presents I have bought and planted flowers in my yard.

I planted

heuchera flower

Heuchera plants


stella de oro daylily

Stella de oro lilies

and a few purple lilies

purple lily
Now I have ham in the oven and will have that, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, peas and dinner rolls.

Then it is time to call it a day.




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I have been violently sick these past twenty four hours.

So sick I thought I was going to die.

I was puking and had diaherra so badly I think I became dehydrated.

I got up once to go to the bathroom and have another round of puking and almost fainted and had to call my husband to get me back to bed.

It was awful.

Every forty five minutes I was in the bathroom being miserably sick.


Second time in two months that I have had the flu.

This time was much worse then the first time though.





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I don’t think I have gotten enough sleep.

I slept from six thirty this morning till twelve thirty this afternoon and I tried to get some more rest just now but it didn’t work.

I just want to be done working period.

This working nights is hard on me.

I just don’t feel like I have gotten enough sleep.

Right now I feel like I could vomit and the thought of staying up for nine more hours before I can go to sleep is very depressing.

My sister craves a job and is hoping she will get one soon.
But she will be working 12 hour night shifts and I don’t think she realizes how hard that is on a person.

Especially when you don’t get enough sleep.

Yes she has done it before but that was a few years ago and she is older now…..

I told my husband it would work better for me if I worked every other night.

Like Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday , Saturday, then Monday , Wednesday and Friday the next week.

I could at least get a night in between to catch up on sleep.


Sure hope I can make it through this night.

I don’t even feel tired as much as I feel like I want to puke.


valentines day







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Richard Gere's thoughts

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I didn’t realize that it was the day we had Cyndi’s funeral on the 8th..
A year ago.

I only realized it when I saw a message on face book about things that happened or that I had put on face book a year ago.

Weird that I didn’t remember it.

I thought of it when the anniversary of her death came around, thinking October 8th we had her funeral.

But I didn’t remember it on the day.

Today six years ago we and my sister Cyndi and Kathy went down to Springfield Missouri to say goodbye to our sister Linda who had a massive stroke and died in the wee hours of October 11th.

6 years ago tomorrow.

Amazing how that seems so long ago and yet it isn’t.

When Linda died Cyndi said “I will be next” and she was right.

As my sister Kathy said once “We use to be the magnificent seven, now we are the fantastic five”

magnificent seven

This was taken in the 1985

Ric, Kathy, Cyndi, Carolyn and Linda.

Mom, Wanda and me


Linda back in the seventies

Cyndi one

And Cyndi.


Family is so incredibly precious and I am reminded of that every time the anniversary of my sister’s deaths come around.


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The Mountain Between Us~   1 comment

My husband and I just got home from going to the above titled movie.

It wasn’t nearly as good as the book, but the scenery was breathtaking  and I got to look at Idris Elba.


I think  he is a very handsome man and a decent actor.

So although the book was much better then the movie was.

The movie was decent.

The Mountain Between Us

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How is it possible that when I am not at work the time flies.

Literally flies.

Hate it.

And then when I am at work the time creeps by.

Yeah I know that everyone has this problem.

I know I am not unique.

I know everyone thinks this way.

I just want to be retired and to spend my days anyway I like to without thinking ugh work tomorrow.


Yes I am grateful for having a job and being able to pay my bills.

I just want to not work any more…..





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I found these sparkle pens at Walmart the other day.
They are so shiny on paper that they sparkle.

I know it is the little things that make me happy.

We have our youngest grand daughter today.
She and her papa are in the basement playing.
Or should I say she is playing and he is watching her.

I slept four hours this morning and here it is almost eleven am.

Work was long and boring.
There is only so much cleaning one can do.



No plans for my two days off other then painting some more on my lawn ornaments after the grand children leave later.

And then I probably won’t feel like it.



I am thinking I may walk and get my grandson from school later.

Lord knows I need the exercise

I am missing Florida and can’t wait to go vacation there next May.



ocean waves

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