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So I worked the weekend and got off at ten pm last night.

I was in bed by eleven thirty.

Got up at five so that is what?
Five and a half hours of sleep?

I had to be at work at six so I went to work…….it was about  ten and I started feeling sick  to my stomach but had a small bowl of pudding which gave me the get up and go I needed to finish out the day.

Working sixteen hours in a twenty four hour period with only five and a half hours of sleep is hard on this old body.

Just not as young as I use to be.

I did about six loads of laundry too today with no help from anyone else on folding or putting clothes away.

I cleaned two apartments too.

So I was busy.

Have to work tomorrow and then I am off for two days.


I have to go to the hospital with my youngest daughter for a test that begins at 7:30, so I won’t be able to sleep late until Thursday morning and believe me I will sleep later then five or six am.

Then I work Friday Saturday and Sunday and then not sure what after that……

me on the beach

yep still longing for the beach……..


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