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So I worked tonight even though I was supposed to have the day off.

I work tomorrow afternoon and evening too.

I actually don’t mind it.

I love working with the elderly.

We had a girl up and quit on Friday (yesterday) so therefore I had to work today.

I was scheduled to work tomorrow anyway.

I am working Monday and Tuesday and then have Wednesday and Thursday off and then work Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I wasn’t supposed to work next weekend but since the girl quit my boss is short of help so I volunteered.

This last week I worked one day and had class one day so I really had five days off.

So it is nice to be working in the hours when the tenants are awake so I can visit with them.

With the girl quitting I doubt I will be working many over nights.

Which truth be told, I am fine with.


I am happy with my life.




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