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I don’t think I have gotten enough sleep.

I slept from six thirty this morning till twelve thirty this afternoon and I tried to get some more rest just now but it didn’t work.

I just want to be done working period.

This working nights is hard on me.

I just don’t feel like I have gotten enough sleep.

Right now I feel like I could vomit and the thought of staying up for nine more hours before I can go to sleep is very depressing.

My sister craves a job and is hoping she will get one soon.
But she will be working 12 hour night shifts and I don’t think she realizes how hard that is on a person.

Especially when you don’t get enough sleep.

Yes she has done it before but that was a few years ago and she is older now…..

I told my husband it would work better for me if I worked every other night.

Like Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday , Saturday, then Monday , Wednesday and Friday the next week.

I could at least get a night in between to catch up on sleep.


Sure hope I can make it through this night.

I don’t even feel tired as much as I feel like I want to puke.


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