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I didn’t realize that it was the day we had Cyndi’s funeral on the 8th..
A year ago.

I only realized it when I saw a message on face book about things that happened or that I had put on face book a year ago.

Weird that I didn’t remember it.

I thought of it when the anniversary of her death came around, thinking October 8th we had her funeral.

But I didn’t remember it on the day.

Today six years ago we and my sister Cyndi and Kathy went down to Springfield Missouri to say goodbye to our sister Linda who had a massive stroke and died in the wee hours of October 11th.

6 years ago tomorrow.

Amazing how that seems so long ago and yet it isn’t.

When Linda died Cyndi said “I will be next” and she was right.

As my sister Kathy said once “We use to be the magnificent seven, now we are the fantastic five”

magnificent seven

This was taken in the 1985

Ric, Kathy, Cyndi, Carolyn and Linda.

Mom, Wanda and me


Linda back in the seventies

Cyndi one

And Cyndi.


Family is so incredibly precious and I am reminded of that every time the anniversary of my sister’s deaths come around.


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